08 September 2008

The End of Summer

Last weekend, Mark and I finally got to take his pride and joy out for one last spin on the lake. He likes to say he makes payments on his boat and pulls it around the country. Our Oklahoma pals Jansen and Jessica joined us for a camping trip on beautiful Lake Tenkiller. Mark also got the chance to share his Cherokee culture with me by taking me to the nation's annual holiday. We listened to the State of the Nation address and toured the Cherokee Heritage Center, where Mark rubbed elbows with the Chief. Our weekend wouldn't be complete, however, without a run-in with a park ranger Mark refers to as "the rude redneck." Apparently we were camping in an unauthorized spot. You would have thought we were serial killers the way he acted. Let's just say Mark is drafting a memo addressed to everyone from the park manager to Governor Brad Henry himself. That's not what we had in mind when we ventured back to the state we love so much. Anyways, after two days of "faucet showers" (Mark can fill you in about those), we journeyed to OKC to help the diva move into her new house.