23 August 2008

Nightmare on Clubhouse Circle

A gang of masked robbers, armed with AK-47’s , hit a little too close to home last Friday night. By too close, I mean six houses down. No joke! Shots were fired inside and outside the house. Mark responded like any other “country kid” would. He immediately went to Wal-Mart and bought a shotgun, much to my dismay. When I called him at work with the scoop the following morning, he told me that he would take every precaution available to protect me. Thirty minutes later, he walks in the door carrying his artillery. That’s not the kind of protection I was envisioning. And he calls himself a Democrat! The Sentinel Record finally published a story when the culprit was apprehended this week. According to the newspaper, the robbers knew our neighbors. They were apparently on the hunt for a $3000 set of gold car rims. We can have no fear now because the ringleader is in jail on a $75,000 bond and is looking at life behind bars if convicted. Click on the link below to read all about it.


16 August 2008

Big Apple Escape

Sorry for the delay in sharing my fabulous vacation to New York to visit my best friend, Jill. (I know you were all dying to read about it!) Mark bruised my ego recently when he threatened to ban me from our blog for my cheesy entries. Of course I have to remind him that while he might reign supreme as the No. 1 firefighter in the family, I did once get paid to write. All bitterness aside, our Big Apple excursion was everything I expected and more. However, I don’t see myself packing up and heading north anytime soon. After five days of dodging rude New Yorkers and tourists in the crowded city streets, it is good to be back in the South where complete strangers greet you with a smile. The goal of the trip was to act as natives while visiting the typical tourist sites. Brooke was a pro at this game. About five minutes in, she decided I would be the chief photographer, and she would just take it all in. We dined in Little Italy, took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, drank the famous frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity and stood in the pouring rain for a half hour to purchase cheap Phantom tickets. (Looking back, it was well worth the wait and brush with the aggravated lady who was distraught because we were not moving fast enough for her.) My favorite parts were attending the Broadway show, strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge, napping in Central Park and taking in an oldie but goody movie in Bryant Park.

11 August 2008

Bryan & Sarah Tie the Knot

It was 15 hours of driving well spent to attend the special ceremony this weekend in Baton Rouge, LA. Check out the newest member of the Masters family and the Cousin's picture in order of height, circa 1990 Jay, OK.

Expect NYC pics from Tebow soon, and "Man Weekend" pics from me as soon as we find my misplaced camera.