02 November 2008

Election '08

In 48 hours, the political hoopla we’ve endured the past two years will be over. Irritating candidate- bashing television ads will no longer invade our airways. Signage will cease to dot streets and highways. CNN, Fox News and MSNBC will transition from speculation on who will be commander in chief to who will serve on his staff. And, if things go my way, the first African American will be preparing to take oath as the 44th President of the United States of America. This is perhaps the most crucial election of our lifetime. The economy is in shambles, healthcare is exorbitant and we’re engaged in two wars (one of which was waged over black gold). Whether you’re for McCain or Obama, the surge in Iraq or troop withdrawal, tax cuts for the wealthy or relief for the middle class, we urge you to cast your vote Tuesday. Voter complacency can cripple our nation’s future. Mark and I showed our support for our party recently at an Obama rally in North Little Rock. If you ask Mark, he was really there to see Bill. (I was disappointed Hillary didn’t show up). Mark braved the crowd to shake the president’s hand, but unfortunately, I panicked and didn’t capture the moment.

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