03 March 2009

Outing at Oaklawn

This weekend Heath, Holly, Brooke and Audrey traveled to Hot Springs for a mini-family reunion in the Valley of the Vapors. Mark and I played tour guides, showing them all the hot spots. The girls hit Buckstaff Bathhouse for manicures and pedicures. Next stop – Oaklawn – for the horse races. Of course, the girls were the big winners at the track. They cashed in on their votes for Undercover Sister, Mr. Grumpy Stripes and Hold ‘Em Tiger. Bet you can’t guess our strategies! The guys were up until 2:00 a.m. “handicapping” their picks. We had our chosen ones in less than a minute. After the races, we drove home in the SNOW just in time to see our Cowboys defeat Texas. We had so much fun but missed Mom, Dad, Tanner and Jillianne.

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