03 March 2009

Fatty Masters ? -- Feb. 21, 2009

On Feb. 21, 2009, our beloved dog Fatty passed away from natural causes. For those of you who do not know his story, it is a heroic one. In the spring of 2007, Mark was scouting the wilderness of Northwest Arkansas for fires when he stumbled upon two starving Beagles searching for food among a dump in the middle of nowhere. Mark didn’t think twice. He scooped up Fatty and his brother Skinny (now known as Roscoe) and brought them home to Gilbert, Ark. (population 33). Extremely sick, malnourished and badly beaten, it was unlikely the little guys would make it through the night. However, Mark and his coworker Tex nursed them back to health, and before too long, the puppies were flourishing. Tex took Skinny to the hill country of Texas to live the sweet life where he was adopted by Tex’s cousin and renamed Roscoe. Fatty moved with Mark and Paige to Hot Springs. He was known for his happy demeanor and his enormous appetite. Mark says Paige could be to blame for his death. While he was in Oklahoma on a two-week fire detail, Paige was responsible for feeding Fatty. When Mark returned, the pup had gained approximately 10 pounds. Fatty is survived by his owners, Mark and Paige Masters and one brother, Skinny. Condolences may be posted on this blog in remembrance of Fatty Masters, the happiest dog in the world.

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tebow31 said...

Fatty was so lucky to have been found by you guys. I'm sure he lived a full and happy life and that he is now happy in doggie heaven. :)