31 July 2008

1 Day, 1 Hour, 9 Minutes to Go

Tomorrow, my sister and I will depart for a five-day excursion in the Big Apple. Last year, Jillian, one of my best friends in the whole wide world, decided to leave the great South and move to Brooklyn to be a middle school science teacher through the Teach for America program. When she left, I tried to ease her fears by telling her I would come visit. Little did she know, I was skeptical. But thanks to a very supportive hubby, I'm going to actually make the trip. It's a vacation I've always dreamed of but never thought would happen. After all, growing up, our family vacations consisted of loading up in our silver Safari minivan and traveling to twirling competitions (much to my brothers' dislike). Oh yeah, and there was the occasional trip to Frontier City or Whitewater Bay for making "Straight A's." You can say New York City is like my Disney World. That's only because things that go upside down and round and round make me nauseous. My pre-school teacher, Mrs. Black, can attest to that! I am going to drag Jill and Brooke to all the cheesy tourist stops: Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Time Square. I am going to do my best to refrain from buying one of those fake Fendi or Prada bags in a dark alley, only because my lawyer tells me I could get arrested for that, and I need her to be my partner in crime. I can't wait. I'm going to be that kid who can't sleep because Mickey Mouse is waiting for her in the morning. Only 1 day, 1 hour and nine minutes to go!

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Russell said...


Thanks for taking your vacation with Brooke to see Jillian. To your amazement, I am sure, your house is still standing. There are no wholes, scuffs, chipped paint or broken items. Tyler and I had a great time in your beautiful and homely abode. You have done a great job taking care of Mark. I cant waite to see you this fall! You know football season is just around the corner and that means the 4:30 am trips are sure to come. My family and I will be in the same spot in front of Morrell Hall and we expect you two to come share the space, goodtimes and food with us.

Hope the trip is going well and tell your lawyer and Jillian I said hello.