28 July 2008

Girls' Weekend

I just got back from a relaxing girls' weekend in the great state of Oklahoma. Three of my best college friends -- Aimee, Amber and Emily-- and I met at Emily's parent's house to catch up. (Unfortunately, Jill and Lindsay couldn't make the trip. We missed you guys!) We were all Thetas at OSU and have been friends since freshman year. Since we're spread out in three states now, we vowed to get together at least once a year. Thanks to Em's excellent organizational skills, it finally came to fruition. So much has happened in three years. Aimee is teaching kindergarten in Stillwater. (Pretty sure she's the best kindergarten teacher EVER). Amber moved to Plano, Texas, and earned not one but TWO master's degrees. Emily just finished her first year of med school and gave birth to the cutest 3-month-old boy in the world named Sam. (I have to say, her stories about childbirth were a little frightening). He was the only guy allowed this weekend.

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