22 July 2008

We fell in the trap, almost

Since college, we've shared the same view of those computer nerds who sit in front of their pc's for hours seeing how many friends they can amass on My Space and Facebook. We were never going to become those people. No way. Not us. Then, our new found Arkansas friends and the legendary Will Jenks introduced us to the world of blogging, and we fell for it. We're not going to try to pretend our lives our exciting, but we'll do our best. Okay, Mark contends that even though I'm boring, he's far from it. It's been an amazing year. We've lived in 3 homes, visited 7 states (on 4 vacations), made meaningful new friendships and said goodbye to our rescue dog Fatty (he will reside with us once again, soon). Mark just returned from a 30-day detail in Montana as a Fire Management Officer. Paige just left her job in Little Rock to pursue law school, do free-lance work as a Public Information Officer and volunteer with CASA.

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